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Canvas Learning Management System

The Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) is the world's leading and fastest growing learning management system.

Canvas LMS is built to make teaching and learning easier for everyone, from the youngest learners to college faculty to business leaders.















Canvas LMS

Course Materials. Communication tools. Participation and grades. Data and Insights. Ready to support learning anywhere, online and offline.

Canvas Studio

It’s the next-generation video learning solution that turns one-way, passive video into inclusive, engaging, and productive classroom discussions.

Canvas Catalog

A simple modern course catalog registration system and branded marketplace for your organization’s monetize-able learning offerings.

Canvas Credentials

More than educational transcripts, verifiable digital credentials contain a comprehensive learner record to demonstrate progress towards their goals.

Canvas for Corporate Education

Tap into time-tested, learner-loved Canvas tools and features to train, develop, and inspire every employee, regardless of their role or location. Customize their learning experiences to engage, retain and level up your employees.

Mastery Connect

Drive learner outcomes with actionable standards-based insights that improve teaching and learning, leading to even more helpful insights and even better teaching and learning.

Mastery Item Bank

Rigorous, standards-based items that check for understanding, evaluate student learning, and provide immediate, accessible feedback to educators.

Mastery View Formative Assessments

A collection of expertly-developed, tightly-aligned formative assessments designed with high-quality items that evaluate student mastery.

Mastery View Predictive Assessments

Benchmarks that mirror standards- assessment blueprints, reflect the standards that students have learned, and provide meaningful insights into student progress.

Elevate K-12 Analytics

The analytics solution that combines data from multiple sources and makes it easy for organizations to put the right information into the hands of educators and administrators.

Elevate Data Quality

Ensures organization data is accurate, complete, and up-to-date by implementing a continuous, viable process of data-quality improvement.

Elevate Standards Assignment

The alignment and content tagging solution and the largest collection of digitized learning standards, to expand your product offerings, meet the needs of your customers, and reach new markets.

Elevate Data Sync

Bi-directional sharing to ensure data, grades and rosters stay synchronized. Organizations ensure the accuracy, security, and accessibility with complete control of their integration.

Impact by Instructure

Deepen Canvas adoption across organizational branches by supporting teachers and students in their technology use while helping administrators’ evaluate the impact of technology on student engagement.

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