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Providing Cutting-Edge

Technology Solutions

Formed by a pool of experienced professionals with worldwide experience, Henosys pioneered as a leading InFraTech company, with deep experience in Infrastructure, Network Visibility, Cloud, Storage and IT Outsourcing across broad industry sectors like telecommunications, financial services, government and logistics.

HENOSYS is Digital Technology.

The reference customers include:

Citibank, HL Bank, ICAP UK , Singtel, Starhub, M1, PCCW &  Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin);  EDB, GIC, ITE,&  NTU ; Mobileum, Fuji Xerox,  RCL shipping”

Henosys has expanded technologically into Software and Cybersecurity, and also geographically into Southeast Asia. EduTech is now a main pillar of the Henosys portfolio. Our future outlook continues to remain strong with planned advances into the AI, ML, AR and VR space.

With the advent of technological advancement,

​Assist valued customers to expand and transform their business, by leveraging the best-in-class modern IT technologies and digital innovation to:

  • Connect their profitable business anywhere instantly

  • Reach target and prospective partners/channels

  • Offload huge amounts of complicated IT workloads swiftly

  • Reduce operation and maintenance costs effectively and drastically

Henosys’ mission is to provide a comprehensive and yet hassle free way to

To enable the most competitive business models, Henosys continually builds long term relationships through technical expertise, righteous delivery, and exceptional pre and post-sales support.

Providing customers with cutting edge technology solutions 

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